A hilarious junior fiction series where getting in the shower might send you to another world!


Felix hates Mondays. Dad’s yelling at him to get up. His little brother, Olly, is being super annoying. So when Felix shuts the bathroom door, he wishes he could get away. He turns on the shower and . . .



Felix finds himself standing in the middle of a field . . . naked . . . with an army of soldiers charging at him.


Step 1: Avoid flying pitchforks!

Step 2: Find some PANTS.



“This new series for readers aged 7–9 is well-paced with plenty of laughs, and James Hart’s vivid illustrations bring the world and characters to life. Shower Land 1 will appeal to fans of the Funny Kid series and Anh Do.”

- Books + Publishing

“Shower Land: Break the Curse is more than just a tale of adventure; it's a celebration of humour, imagination, friendship, communication and the bonds that unite us. With its relatable protagonist and richly imagined world, this book is sure to captivate young readers and adults alike, leaving them eagerly awaiting Felix's next escapade.”

- Michelle O'Connell, Read Plus

Nat Amoore Children's Writer Author Podcast Host One More Page Secrets Of A Schoolyard Millionaire Penguin Random House Author Visits Schools

“At every turn, Shower Land keeps the pace moving and the laughs coming while sensitively exploring themes of sibling dynamics, cultural difference, and ableism. And Amoore’s craftsmanship shines on every page, with a lot packed into this beautifully-told story despite the word-count restraints of a junior fiction novel.”

- Helen Gearing, Story Links


You can run from your past, but the future is tomorrow . . .


Tonight, we’re gonna kidnap our best friend. And tomorrow? We run.

Sticks, Maki, Jed and Tommy live on the same street. But the adults around them are making decisions that could tear the four friends apart.

When they discover their favourite comic book series is being made into a blockbuster movie, they know what they have to do. Get to the audition. Get the parts. Stay together.

Bestselling author Nat Amoore joins forces with acclaimed graphic novelist Mike Barry to bring you a story of four kids – and four superheroes – who are taking their future into their own hands.



“We Run Tomorrow is an engaging blend of the two formats, all tied together with a heart-warming story of friendship and determination.”

- Better Reading


“Nat’s child characters always come across as fun and authentic, and full of life – sometimes they seem larger than life, but at the same time, grounded in a reality of the world of childhood that is whimsical and imaginative.”

- Ashleigh, The Book Muse

Nat Amoore Children's Writer Author Podcast Host One More Page Secrets Of A Schoolyard Millionaire Penguin Random House Author Visits Schools


The hilarious story of one bag of cash, two best friends and a whole lot of trouble.


Finding a million dollars in your backyard - every kid's dream, right? That's what me and my best friend Toby thought too. 

Jumping castles at school. Lollipops for our adoring fans. Wearing sunglasses indoors ('cos that's what all the millionaires do). 

There's a lot you can get with a million dollars . . . including a whole lot of trouble.

Bonus tips on how to be a schoolyard millionaire inside!



“Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire is a lively, precocious book for readers with big ideas and big hearts.”

- Bec Kavanagh, Readings


"This is a fresh, exciting and thrilling read for kids. It’s that super cool book you want to keep hidden under your bed so parents don't know you have it (given all the juicy kid-tips inside!). Nat Amoore is a talented new Australian author who really gets kids and what they are looking for in a book. Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire is an absolute winner, and I can’t wait to see what Amoore delivers next."

- Kids Book Review

"My 10yr old son had a torch reading under his bed covers last night to finish this! He said it’s “better than Nevermoor” and “makes your tummy go SMOOGSH”!! (that’s a good thing!) Highly suspenseful, entertaining and the ultimate page-turner. His little brother is starting it tonight. Well done Ms Amoore - you’ve got a houseful of new fans who can’t wait for your next one."

- Inessa,

Nat Amoore Children's Writer Author Podcast Host One More Page Secrets Of A Schoolyard Millionaire Penguin Random House Author Visits Schools


"This is a funny and entertaining read. The characters are well developed and Tess’s commentary in the first person is funny and witty.  This would make a great read aloud for a class or at home, with many opportunities for discussion. An absolute must for primary and public libraries, highly recommended."

- Liz Derouet


"Amoore brings a delightful originality to her rendering of the kid’s own adventure . . . [she] has carefully crafted Tess’ narrative voice and sets up the denouement perfectly. This is lively but thoughtful middle-grade fiction that kids aged 8–12 will race through with great pleasure.”

- Lorien Kaye, Books + Publishing


The outrageous story of three best friends, one greedy mayor and a whole lot of pranking.


Green Peas is our name and pranking’s our game!

A symphony of alarm clocks at assembly? Yep, that was us. A stampede of fluffy guinea pigs? It’s next on our agenda.

But for me, Cookie and Zeke, it’s about more than just fun. We’re determined to make a difference. And when the adults won’t listen, us kids will find a way to be heard – as long as we can stay out of detention!

No activist is too small, no prank too big... and things are about to get personal.



"I enjoyed this book from the very first page — the clever­minded characters, directness of voice, respect for the ideas of others, commitment to friends and those less fortunate, and the reality of family with all its ups and downs."

- Jennifer Mors, CBCA Reading Time


"Nat has cleverly tied the events and characters, and location of her first book into this one, and both are filled with the same humour and wonderful diversity. Whether it is disability, race, interests, ethics or family make up – Nat has managed to show a diverse world, and one that everyone can relate to in some way."

- Ashleigh, The Book Muse


"Here is  an incredibly funny, thought provoking, heart-tugging book that makes you feel  anyone and everyone can make a difference."

- Sarah Custance, Storylinks


"There are a lot of middle grade books out there about all sorts of pranking, but until this book I don’t think I’d come across one about productive pranking. The Power of Positive Pranking shows examples of how chaos and anarchy can be used to achieve good."

- Dani Solomon, Readings

Nat Amoore Children's Writer Author Podcast Host One More Page Secrets Of A Schoolyard Millionaire Penguin Random House Author Visits Schools


"What an incredibly well-written story filled with many powerful messages. It presents crucial information in a entertaining way to allow young readers to understand and embrace them. Super fun to read."

- Steph,

- Megan Daley, Children's Books Daily (Jump to 12:23)


The rockin' story of two new friends, one arts fiasco

and a whole lot of music.


Without music, the world is just blah. That’s my take on life, anyway. 


Mum says rock is the only music worth listening to, but I think everyone should find their own beat. 


When I hear that Principal Keiren plans to cut all of the arts classes at Watterson Primary, there's no way me and my new mate Flynn are gonna let that happen. We're dragging our secret Broadway appreciation society into the spotlight. 


It's time for Watterson: The Musical!



"This delightful, touching and funny book captures the love for the arts that we have and shows the power of words in pulling us together, along with music to create a community that values the arts."

- Ashleigh, The Book Muse

"An uplifting story all about the value of the arts and the power of community."

- Joe Murray, Readings

Nat Amoore Children's Writer Author Podcast Host One More Page Secrets Of A Schoolyard Millionaire Penguin Random House Author Visits Schools


"Nat Amoore has a talent for writing stories that both tug at the heart and tickle the funny bone using characters with all manner of backgrounds and life circumstances and The Right Way to Rock is no exception."

- Melissa Salisbury, StoryLinks